Transierra Norte is a multiday Mountain Bike race where amateur and expert racers meet up to celebrate the Mexican famous tradition better known as “Day of the Dead”. Racing bikes along the North Mountain Range of Oaxaca, the intention of this event is to push the Trail exploration to have new and blind trails to race every year, also support the growth of the outdoor industry in the communities of the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca and promote the culture and festivities in Oaxaca City while we all make a bike party filling it with an authentic Mexican experience

Race Format

Based on the “Enduro” racing protocol this race will be an individually race with 12-16 timed stages with an average of 90% of descending and the other 10% a mix of flat sections and short climbs. Some of the transitions will be pedally transitions and some other ones will be shuttle assisted.

Every day has to be completed on a pre-established overall time; otherwise a time penalty will be applied to the participant. The total sum of the timed stages will be the final result of the racer.



Welcome dinner y packet pick up


Race Starts


Race Day


Race Day


Race Day followed by awards ceremony



Tours Itinerary

Join our pre and after race Day of the Dead tours. *All profits go to support the communities of the Sierra Norte and trail building.

  • October 24: Ride and culture with lodging included.
  • October 25: Ride and culture with lodging included.
  • October 31: Cementery bike tour with lodging included.
  • November 01: Mezcal tasting and distillery tour with lodging included.

Getting there and around

Either You want to join one of our ride and cultural tours before the race or you just want to see the day of the dead festivities in Oaxaca City, we highly recommend arriving 1 or 2 days earlier.

Flying into Oaxaca City is your best choice; most international flights have a connection in Mexico City.

You can also fly into Mexico City, Cancun or Puebla and try to catch a bus or rent a car. This is not an easy drive and you should also consider We will happily assist with traveling logistics and a hotel bookings with discounted rated for you and your family, please for any inquiry email us to