Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial City which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site by its archaeological sites, colorful crafts, culture, folklore, gastronomy, natural beauties and its magical festivals. It is about 290 miles southeast of Mexico City.

Getting There and around

You can get into Oaxaca City by several ways:

  • 1. Flying into Oaxaca City
  • 2. Flying into Mexico City and then take a domestic flight from Mexico City - Oaxaca City. Interjet
  • 3. Driving from Mexico City to Oaxaca City is easy (5 hours).
  • 4. Take a bus from Mexico City - Oaxaca
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  • For cheaper flights try flying into Cancun International Airport and then taking a bus to Oaxaca city from Cancun City ADO
Mapa de Oaxaca